Cheryl Chi

"'Is Yoga like twisting your body tightly into a rope, or humming restlessly all day long?' 

These seem to be the common doubts of most laymen, who have never been exposed to Yoga.

Yoga is actually melting together your physical, mental and spiritual being. 

After seven years of Yoga practice, my figure has improved and my body is healthier.  David is a very experienced teacher, come and try Yoga out.  Just like me, you won’t be able to stop."


Rita Chiao

“Nine years ago, I thought I would try Yoga for exercise.  At the time, I felt that jogging is only for leg exercise, I wished to do some whole-body workout.  It happens that Hatha Yoga studio is in Diamond Bar, really close to my house.  In the beginning, 94 degree temperature was hard to get used to.  Later on, I do realize exercising in hot room prevents muscle injury.  Three times a week at one and half hour each session, from standing to lying down, there are so many postures.  With sweat pouring down freely, it truly is an ideal workout.  I feel my body relaxed and softer, though shoulders and abdomen muscles tightened nicely.  No more lower back aches and pains.  It also improved my blood pressure, cholesterol and thyroid hormone functions.  Choosing Hatha Yoga exercise is one of the better decisions I made in life."


Wei-San Mohindar

“David’s hatha yoga classes have made me healthier, stronger, and more flexibile than I have ever been.  He is like a personal trainer who gently coaxes and pushes me to bend further, stretch more, and get deeper into each pose.  We also have a lot of fun in class, and there is always a lot of laughter– and once class is over, I am relaxed and ready for the rest of the day”

Maria Santos

“ I’ve been coming to this yoga studio for five years and I absolutely love it!  Everyone here is very welcome and encouraging– and David,the main instructor, is kind and genuinely cares about every single person.  Since I have been coming here I have gained flexibility, endurance, and strength.  Not only that, but I feel great– especially when I work out in the morning– I have that endorphine “high” all day long.

The classes have every level of participants– from beginners, people with injuries, athletes.  I can’t say enough about David, the studio, and all the nice people that come here to work out!”


Alis Panosian

“I am very consistent with my yoga schedule– and I have attended David’s yoga studio for about ten years now.  I had lost about 80% mobility in my right arm, and brushing my hair and teeth had become very painful tasks for me for over a year.  Doctors prescribed medication, physical therapy, and a few suggested cortisone shots and even surgery.

But I found that above them all, yoga with David has been the best therapy I’ve ever had.  It’s helped me regain mobility in my arm, and has reduced the inflammation of my joints.  Now with regular Yoga movements, I do not need any medication.

I attend various classes and enjoy every one of them.  David is gentle, fun, yet very firm.  He encourages everyone to challenge ourselves.   Thank you David!”


Carol Sin

“I have been practicing yoga in this studio for almost 3 years.  I tried the first class and became addicted!  I am very grateful to have found this wonderful studio, and for my super awesome teacher David!!! David is professional, experienced, motivated, caring,  and most of all– he really understands how to teach individuals at all levels.  You will always feel warm and welcome in this studio and everyone is very friendly.  David’s yoga classes have definitely enhanced my strength and flexibility– and my body not only feels relaxed after every workout, but leaves me energized throughout the day!”


Justine Singer

 “I feel fortunate to be able to do yoga with an instructor with over 40 years of experience.  It is clear that he knows how to guide each student to do their very best– whether they’re a new or an advanced student.  His encouraging words, “You’re perfect when you try” are with me each and every time I go to class.”


Enrique Ochoa

“David is an outstanding, holistic teacher– who fosters a caring yoga community.  During the three years that I’ve taken classes with him, I have experienced positive changes in my physical and emotional health.  I always leave class feeling invigorated.”