Classes Offered

Please Note: All our yoga is done in a heated room.  Bring a towel, mat, and dress for exercise in a warm room– no sweats.


                                                         Yoga Movement                                         Relaxation Yoga with Music


Traditional Hatha Yoga has a wide variety of yoga poses and breathing exercises that give the practitioner a deep level of all around mental and physical fitness.

Relaxation Yoga with Music offers a deep stretching workout combined with extra yoga relaxation and concentration techniques– while soothing music plays in the background.  This is a great class for beginners.

Hatha Yoga- Strength & Stretching
combines yoga strength exercises with intermediate to advanced yoga poses.  As in all our other classes, the student works at his or her own level.

Flow Yoga with Music is a combination of traditional yoga poses in a connected series of sequences done to music.

Yoga Movement consists of movement sequences that give the student a deep awareness of his or her body movement potential.  This class is a great all around workout.

Sun Salute Workout The sun salute workout features a traditional series of yoga postures that gets you flexible and fit.



                                                    Strength and Stretching                                       Flow Yoga with Music