Triangle Pose

Hatha Yoga is a dynamic system for improving the overall quality of your life.  It helps you develop concentration, peace of mind, balance, flexibility, strength, and stamina- and helps to eliminate problems such as stress, emotional imbalance, anxiety, overweight, headaches, back problems, and physical weaknesses.  Hatha Yoga is suitable for all ages!  Try Yoga- It works.

Hatha Yoga Health Studio has  a yoga class that’s bound to  fit your needs! We have five different types of yoga classes, with different classes offered almost every day of the week.   Whether you are looking to relax, lose weight, gain flexibility, or become more toned– Hatha Yoga Health Studio has a class to help you meet your goals.

David Jones, the owner/instructor,  is a certified yoga teacher with 40+ years of experience in Hatha Yoga.

        Hands-to-Feet Pose                  Bound Lotus Pose                  Finger Stand Pose